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The Benefits of Reading                                 

In our busy world many people often spend more time with digital forms of entertainment rather than reading a book. However, with over 1 million books published each year in the United States alone, the publishing industry continues to create new content. As this article will show, incorporating reading into your daily life will bring many great benefits. 

One of the biggest positives of reading is that it strengthens your mind. In fact, studies have shown the reading regularly helps improve your memory, as many novels require recalling complex plots and character arcs. This is not only fun, but also a great form of mental exercise with studies showing that reading can help prevent you from developing diseases like Alzheime's and Dementia. Additionally, as instant gratification increasingly drives society with a constant barrage of alerts and messages, reading can help improve your focus. Finally, reading improves your patience as most novels will require multiple sittings to finish. Aside from these great benefits, books are one of the most influential forms of media. 

Books have been influencing and entertaining society ever since Guttenberg invented the printing press. There's no shortage of great novels available. From best sellers like the Harry Potter series to smaller, self-published works, the literary world has a great variety of places to explore. With so many books out there, you are certain to find something that will appeal to your tastes. Also, reading doesn't have to be a solo activity as you can join a book club where you will meet new people who share similar tastes in books. Additionally, through reading you'll encounter new words and phrases, that will improve your language and writing skills. For this reason, many famous authors say they are keen readers. Furthermore, non-fiction books remain one of the most popular and effective ways of improving your knowledge. 

For many people reading is one of the best ways to learn about a new topic. Though there are many reasons for this, one of the biggest is that books can give in-depth explanations about a topic. Because the author is free to guide you slowly through a topic, giving plenty of examples, you can learn the new information more effectively. With so many non-fiction novels out there, you can learn about any virtually any topic you can imagine. Reading can also help you develop stronger critical thinking skills, with many books challenging your views on the world by providing alternative perspectives on issues. 

This article has examined how reading books can benefit you. We started by looking at how novels can help strengthen your mind, by improving focus and memory. Next, the immense variety of books was examined to show you are certain to find a niche that you will enjoy. Finally, how reading can help you more effectively synthesise information about a new topic was shown. Hopefully, you can now see that allocating a few minutes each day to reading can have many great benefits. So, start creating a reading habit today.