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The Benefits of Physical Books Over E-Books

With the rise in digital platforms like Amazon offering e books, a debate has raged within literary community. What format is better, e books or physical books? As this article will show, physical books have many benefits over e books. 

One of the biggest considerations when comparing these two formats are which format has the most benefits for readers? The biggest positive for the e-book format is that they are light, you can load thousands of books onto the one light device. If you use storage devices like SD cards, the number of novels you can access from that device is potentially unlimited. On the other hand, physical books are often bulkier and heavier. However, physical books are better for your eyes as e-books require you to stare at a screen for extended periods. Additionally, one of the most popular times to read is just before bed. Many doctors recommend avoiding any source of artificial light, such as the screen of an e reader, before bed as the light may disrupt your sleep rhythms. Also, e-readers have been shown to cause dry eyes because when reading e-books people blink less. So, physical books are better for your eyes than e books. But what about the overall reading experience?

Many proponents of e-books argue that the biggest advantage of digital books is the number of novels available. There is a huge number of books that exist in a purely digital format, much more than printed books. This is because anyone can self publish online, while the publishing industry goes to great efforts to select the best authors. Additionally, traditionally published books usually have been extensively edited to avoid grammar and spelling mistakes. Physical books help support the economy, their purchase helping to keep book stores open. There are also several charity events based around selling used books, such as Lifeline's Bookfest. Without physical books these events simply wouldn't happen. However, we haven't yet discussed the biggest benefit of owning physical copies of your favourite books. 

Many people who prefer physical to digital books cite the intimacy of the reading experience, which e-books simply can't compete with. No e-reader can replicate the way a book feels in your hands, the smell of the paper, the pleasure of turning the page. For many people, e-books simply can't replicate the joy of curling up with your favourite print book on a rainy afternoon. 

This article has looked at one of the most controversial subjects in the literary world. Ever since e-books came onto the scene, people have been asking whether paper books or e-books are better. As this article has shown, physical books have several advantages over their electronic counterparts. Along with supporting the bookshop industry, physical books also have an intrinsic value that many readers feel e-readers simply cannot replicate. The feeling of holding a book and thumbing through the pages can't be provided by any e-reader. So, put down your e-book and go to your local book store to purchase your next great read.