Coffee and Books presentsThe Book club 

where the crawdads sing#1 NEW york times best seller

" I read this book  on my way to michigan & almost missed my next flight! I couldn't put it down!"- Nancy from Texas

"My youngest daughter hasn't been doing well in english but after she picked up this book she couldn't put it down. We're really glad we bought our books from"     - Paul from South carolina

To kill a mockingbirdAn all time classic from harper leee

" I lost my copy that I had since I was a teen. had just what I needed and I finnally got to read my favorite book once more! "- Anna Lee  from pearsall, Texas

"I was looking for a book for my students and this came up with a google search. After I read this book with some top notch coffee I just had to share it with all my fourth graders! Thank so much"     -Sandy medlin from San Antonio, Texas

The Reckoning -John Grisham10 year best selling author

" I have read so many john grisham books from the associate, the firm, the partner and most recently the reckoning. I met the owner at a book store and he told me about his website. The  next thing I knew I was stuck to my chair sipping coffee and reading this fantastic Book!" - Gail from Texas

"I met the owner at a mcds near the library. He told me about this book he had finished reading by john grisham. After I read it I called him to thank him and ask for another book recomendation."  - Jacob Meek Dallas, Texas

World Atlas of coffee - James hoffmanby renowned world class author James Hoffman

" Nice one! There's tons of usseful coffee information on here. The amount of research on this book is exceptional. I can't wait to read more!" - Alica washington

"I looked around for information on coffee brewing ,where to find coffee beans and other information for my new cofee table. I'm so glad my wife showed me this site!!  - L Dean