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Did you know you can earn more just by reading?

You hear it all the time if you want to succeed, you need to read. The list of business titans, world leaders, and intellectual giants that credit a love of reading is endless. There's science behind the assertion. Reading in general increases your vocabulary and language skills, while fiction reading in particular can improve your emotional intelligence and empathy. Reading changes the brain as well. The advantage of literate people over those who cannot read is profound, including higher intelligence, increased longevity, and better memory. The practice also thickens the corpus callosum and reduces the chances of dementia. There are a few benefits of reading that are uniquely tied to the mechanics of the act itself. One is the requirement for greater focus than other mediums, and another is enhancing the ability to write well, whether those written words are ultimately read or heard. Beyond that, isn't it the knowledge and perspective that comes from exposing yourself to information that matters? For many, reading is the most efficient way to consume large amounts of information, but isn't it still the information itself that allows for success? I, for one, am a reader. While I can binge-watch Chopped for entertainment, when it comes to learning, I have to read. I can't listen to podcasts or watch instructional videos. Live presentations make me squirm in my seat (if you can get me there in the first place). That being said, I know enough to know that many people are not like me. Some people are auditory learners, while others need visuals to effectively grasp information.The popularity of podcasts, audio books, and the motivational cassette tapes of old prove the desire for auditory information. And the fact that some people speed listen to podcasts and audiobooks shows that there is a desire for greater efficiency in auditory learning without resorting to reading.